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VirtualRadar.Interface.SQLite Namespace
The namespace for all of the interfaces and objects associated with wrapping different SQLite providers.
Public interfaceISQLiteConnectionProvider
The interface for an object that can create an SQLite connection.
Public interfaceISQLiteConnectionStringBuilder
The interface that wrappers around a provider's SQLiteConnectionStringBuilder must implement.
Public interfaceISQLiteException
The interface for objects that can wrap an SQLite exception.
Public enumerationSQLiteDateFormats
The wrapper version of the provider's SQLiteDateFormats enumeration.
Public enumerationSQLiteErrorCode
An enumeration of the different error codes that can be exposed in an ISQLiteException.
Public enumerationSQLiteJournalModeEnum
The wrapped version of the provider's SQLiteJournalModeEnum enumeration.
Public enumerationSynchronizationModes
The wrapped version of the provider's SynchronizationModes enum.

Up until version 1.1.2 of VRS the application bound directly to Robert Simpson's SQLite ADO.Net Provider. When the Mono version came along it used a Mono build from source of the provider. However under some Linux systems this was not very stable, so the new approach is to use the native Mono SQLite library when running under Mono.

This wrapper only wraps the parts of SQLite used by VRS.