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Where to Start

When you're looking for stuff I would start by looking for the interface in VirtualRadar.Interface. All of the interfaces are in there and so is all of the documentation. Most of the implementations can be found within VirtualRadar.Library, following the same namespace as the interface (but with 'Library' replacing 'Interface') with the exception of the the Database interfaces, which are implemented in VirtualRadar.Database.dll, the View interfaces (VirtualRadar.WinForms.dll), the WebServer interfaces (VirtualRadar.WebServer.dll) and the WebSite interfaces (VirtualRadar.WebSite.dll).

When browsing the documentation I would start with VirtualRadar.Interface and then go from there.

The program uses loose coupling quite a lot, which means that instances of classes are rarely created using new. A library is used to create instances instead - for more details about this see InterfaceFactory and Factory