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Command-line Parameters

The application can be started with from the command-line by just running VirtualRadar.exe. When it is started in this way you can use command-line switches to alter the behaviour of the program. All switches take the form of either -switch or -switch:value. Note that there is no space around the colon separating the switch name from the value. Switches are not case sensitive.

-culture:nameChanges the regional settings for the application to the culture specified. The name is the name of a culture, e.g. 'en-GB' for British English, 'de-DE' for German, 'fr-FR' for French and so on. This is intended for use by plugin developers who want to test their localisation settings. The application will normally pick up the correct culture from Windows settings.
-workingFolder:directoryTells the program to use a specific configuration folder. Usually the application only allows one instance to run and that one instance stores its configuration files in %localappdata%\VirtualRadar. This switch forces the program to run from an arbitrary configuration file folder and allows multiple instances of the application to run. It is intended for those occasions where multiple servers are to be run from the same machine, most people will never need to use this switch.
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