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VirtualRadar.Interface.Listener Namespace
The namespace for all of the interfaces and objects associated with classes that can listen to sources of aircraft data and translate them into objects that the rest of the program can use.
Public classExtractedBytes
The object returned by message extractors that describes the bytes corresponding to one message.
Public classPolarPlot
A DTO that carries a single point in a polar plot.
Public classPolarPlotSlice
A DTO that carries a slice of polar plots for a given receiver.
Public classReceiverFormatName
Describes a registered receiver format.
Public interfaceIAircraftListJsonMessageBytesExtractor
The interface for objects that can extract AircraftListJson format messages.
Public interfaceIAircraftListJsonMessageConverter
The interface for an object that can turn an AircraftListJson into a collection of BaseStationMessageEventArgs objects.
Public interfaceIBeastMessageBytesExtractor
The interface for objects that can extract the bytes of a Mode-S message from bytes sent from a Mode-S Beast (
Public interfaceICompressedMessageBytesExtractor
The interface for objects that can extract bytes for a message from a compressed feed.
Public interfaceIFeed
The interface that ties together an aircraft list, which tracks the state of aircraft picked up by a receiver or merged feed, and a receiver or merged feed's identifier from the configuration details.
Public interfaceIFeedManager
The interface for objects that can collect together a IFeed for each receiver and merged feed configured in settings.
Public interfaceIListener
The interface for objects that can listen to a stream of bytes and decode them into messages.
Public interfaceIMergedFeedComponentListener
The listener for a receiver that will be merged into a single feed by IMergedFeedListener.
Public interfaceIMergedFeedListener
A listener that merges together messages picked up by two or more listeners.
Public interfaceIMessageBytesExtractor
The interface for objects that can extract raw message bytes from an array of bytes.
Public interfaceIPlaneFinderMessageBytesExtractor
The interface for classes that can extract messages from Plane Finder feeds.
Public interfaceIPolarPlotter
The interface for objects that can track the values required for a polar plot.
Public interfaceIPort30003MessageBytesExtractor
The interface for objects that can extract Kinetic Port 30003 format messages.
Public interfaceIReceiverFormatManager
Manages the feed formats that the program can decode.
Public interfaceIReceiverFormatProvider
The interface that all receiver format providers must implement.
Public interfaceISbs3MessageBytesExtractor
The interface for objects that can extract Mode-S messages from bytes read from an SBS-3.
Public enumerationExtractedBytesFormat
An enumeration of the different formats that the payload of ExtractedBytes can be in.