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VirtualRadar.Interface.WebServer Namespace
The namespace for the interfaces and objects that deal with the application's web server.
Public classAuthenticationRequiredEventArgs
The EventArgs raised by the IWebServer.AuthenticationRequired event.
Public classMimeType
A collection of different mime types.
Public classRequestException
An exception that is thrown when an exception occurs during the handling of a web server request.
Public classRequestReceivedEventArgs
The arguments passed for the RequestReceived event on IWebServer.
Public classResponseSentEventArgs
The event args for IWebServer events that are raised when a response is sent to a web browser.
Public interfaceIAutoConfigWebServer
The interface for a singleton object that automatically applies configuration settings to an IWebServer.
Public interfaceIContext
The interface for objects that describe an incoming request and the response that will be made for it.
Public interfaceIPortMapping
The interface for objects that describe a static port mapping on a UPnP router.
Public interfaceIRequest
The interface for objects that describe an incoming request.
Public interfaceIResponder
The interface for objects that can fill IResponse objects correctly for different types of content.
Public interfaceIResponse
The interface for objects that describe the response to a request.
Public interfaceIUniversalPlugAndPlayManager
The interface for the object that deals with UPnP routers for the application.
Public interfaceIUniversalPlugAndPlayManagerProvider
The interface for objects that abstract away the Windows universal plug'n'play COM component and other aspects of the environment for IUniversalPlugAndPlayManager.
Public interfaceIWebServer
The interface for objects that can serve requests for web pages.
Public interfaceIWebServerProvider
The provider that implementations of IWebServer should use to access the .NET framework.
Public enumerationContentClassification
The types of web content that the server deals with.

The main interface of interest here is IWebServer which describes an object that listens for requests from web browsers and raises an event when it sees them.

The web server does not contain any content - other objects hook the events on IWebServer and set the Handled, Classification and Response properties as appropriate. By default this duty is performed by the IWebSite object.