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VirtualRadar.Interface.WebSite Namespace
The namespace for the interfaces and objects that deal with the web site that the program produces.
Public classAircraftJson
The object that describes an aircraft in JSON files that are sent to the browser.
Public classAircraftListJson
The list of aircraft that is sent to the browser as a JSON file.
Public classAircraftListJsonBuilderArgs
The object that passes arguments to the Build(AircraftListJsonBuilderArgs) method.
Public classAircraftListJsonBuilderFilter
The arguments passed to Build(AircraftListJsonBuilderArgs) that can be used to suppress aircraft from the generated JSON.
Public classAircraftReportJson
The top-level JSON object for reports on the flights taken by a single aircraft.
Public classChecksumFile
A class that can read a checksum file.
Public classChecksumFileEntry
Describes the content of a single line in a checksum file resource.
Public classDirectoryEntryJson
The JSON object that carries directory information back to the VRS mothership.
Public classFeedJson
The JSON object that describes a data feed from a receiver.
Public classFlightReportJson
The top-level JSON object for reports on the flights taken by many aircraft.
Public classHtmlContentInjector
A class that describes content to inject into HTML.
Public classPolarPlotJson
The JSON for a single polar plot.
Public classPolarPlotsJson
The JSON that describes all of the available polar plots for a single feed.
Public classPolarPlotsSliceJson
The JSON for a polar plot slice.
Public classProximityGadgetAircraftJson
The data transfer object for the JSON file that is sent to the Windows 7 promixity gadget.
Public classProximityGadgetClosestAircraftJson
The DTO that carries information about the closest aircraft to the Windows Vista/7 proximity gadget.
Public classReportAircraftJson
Describes an aircraft in a report.
Public classReportAirportJson
Describes a single instance of an airport in a report.
Public classReportFlightJson
Describes the flight of an aircraft in a report.
Public classReportRouteJson
Describes the route taken by an aircraft.
Public classReportRowsJson
The base class for all top-level report JSON objects.
Public classServerConfigJson
The JSON object that carries server settings to the site.
Public classServerReceiverJson
The JSON object that describes a receiver that the server is listening to.
Public classSimpleContent
The object returned by RequestSimpleContent(String).
Public classSiteRoot
A class that describes a root folder to serve files from.
Public classTextContentEventArgs
The event args that are raised by the web site for text content events.
Public classWebAdminMethodAttribute
Marks a method on a view returned by a WebAdminView as being callable from the web page.
Public classWebAdminView
The class that describes a web admin view.
Public interfaceIAircraftListJsonBuilder
The interface for an object that can build an AircraftListJson object from an IAircraftList object's list of aircraft.
Public interfaceIBundler
The interface for objects that can bundle multiple JavaScript declarations in an HTML file into a single download.
Public interfaceIHtmlLocaliser
The interface for objects that can localise HTML using string resources.
Public interfaceIMinifier
The interface for an object that can minify JavaScript and CSS.
Public interfaceIWebAdminViewManager
The interface that objects which handle collections of WebAdminViews must implement.
Public interfaceIWebSite
The interface for objects that bring together a collection of pages into the website that is presented to the browser.
Public interfaceIWebSiteExtender
The interface for a wrapper around the extension methods exposed in IWebSite. Intended for use by plugins to make life a bit easier for those that want to extend the website.
Public interfaceIWebSiteGraphics
The interface for objects that handle graphics manipulation for the web site.
Public interfaceIWebSiteProvider
The interface for the provider on VirtualRadar.Interface.WebSite that abstracts away parts of the environment that we want to control during testing.
Public enumerationResizeImageMode
An enumeration of the different resize modes supported by the website graphics code.
Public enumerationStandardWebSiteImageSize
An enumeration of the standard sizes for images used by the web site.
Public enumerationTrailType
An enumeration of the different trail types.

The main interface of interest here is IWebSite. This listens for requests for content coming from IWebServer and responds to them with the HTML, JS, JSON and image files that between them make up the web site.