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VirtualRadar.Interface.Network Namespace

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Public classConnectionEventArgs
The arguments passed to connection events.
Public classConnectorActivityEvent
Describes a single event that occurred for a connector.
Public classRebroadcastFormatName
Links a rebroadcast server format's name to its unique ID.
Public interfaceIConnection
Describes a single connection exposed by an IConnector.
Public interfaceIConnector
The interface for objects that can establish a connection with a remote machine.
Public interfaceIConnectorActivityLog
The interface for a singleton object that records activity across every connector created by the application.
Public interfaceIConnectorAuthentication
The interface for all authentication classes.
Public interfaceIConnectorSnapshotLogger
The interface that objects that log snapshots of all of the connections must implement.
Public interfaceINetworkConnection
The interface for an IConnection exposed by INetworkConnector.
Public interfaceINetworkConnector
An active connector that connects to a single machine over the IP network.
Public interfaceIPassphraseAuthentication
The interface for objects that implement passphrase authentication on rebroadcast servers.
Public interfaceIRebroadcastFormatManager
The singleton manager that keeps track of all registered rebroadcast server formats.
Public interfaceIRebroadcastFormatProvider
The interface that all rebroadcast server format providers must implement.
Public interfaceIRebroadcastServer
The interface for objects that can rebroadcast messages or bytes received by an IListener.
Public interfaceIRebroadcastServerManager
The interface for a singleton object that can configure and control a collection of IRebroadcastServers.
Public interfaceISerialConnector
An active connector that connects to a device over a serial COM port.
Public interfaceITcpConnectionStateService
A service that can retrieve the state of TCP connections.
Public delegateConnectionReadDelegate
The delegate that is called when an IConnection reads bytes off the connection.
Public enumerationConnectionStatus
The various states that an IListener can be in.
Public enumerationConnectorActivityType
Describes the types of connector activity that are logged.