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Test.Framework Namespace
The namespace for helper objects that can make the life of unit tests a little easier.
Public classAircraftTestHelper
A set of static methods that help with tests that involve IAircraft.
Public classClockMock
A mock implementation of IClock.
Public classCode exampleEventRecorderT
An object that can be hooked to an event to determine that it has been raised and record the parameters passed to the event.
Public classCode exampleExcelWorksheetData
A class to help when dealing with spreadsheet data-driven tests.
Public classFeedHelper
A set of helper methods to set up a feed manager with a bunch of feeds that each have a listener.
Public classRequestReceivedEventArgsHelper
A static class that helps with setting up RequestReceivedEventArgs objects for different conditions.
Public classSpreadsheetFieldValue
Helps to look up the value associated with a field within a spreadsheet.
Public classStatisticsHelper
A static class that can help when testing Statistics objects.
Public classTestUtilities
A collection of static methods that cover common aspects of testing objects.

This library does not contain any unit tests, it just contains helper objects and the test files.

Some of the helper objects (e.g. AircraftTestHelper and RequestReceivedEventArgsHelper) are only of interest to Virtual Radar Server tests whereas some of them (e.g. EventRecorderT, ExcelWorksheetData and TestUtilities) may be applicable to unit tests for other projects.