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Dapper Namespace

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Public classCustomPropertyTypeMap
Implements custom property mapping by user provided criteria (usually presence of some custom attribute with column to member mapping)
Public classDbString
This class represents a SQL string, it can be used if you need to denote your parameter is a Char vs VarChar vs nVarChar vs nChar
Public classDefaultTypeMap
Represents default type mapping strategy used by Dapper
Public classDynamicParameters
A bag of parameters that can be passed to the Dapper Query and Execute methods
Public classExplicitConstructorAttribute
Tell Dapper to use an explicit constructor, passing nulls or 0s for all parameters
Public classFeatureSupport
Handles variances in features per DBMS
Public classSimpleMemberMap
Represents simple member map for one of target parameter or property or field to source DataReader column
Public classSqlMapper
Dapper, a light weight object mapper for ADO.NET
Public classSqlMapperGridReader
The grid reader provides interfaces for reading multiple result sets from a Dapper query
Public classSqlMapperIdentity
Identity of a cached query in Dapper, used for extensibility
Public classSqlMapperTypeHandlerT
Base-class for simple type-handlers
Public classSqlMapperTypeHandlerCacheT Obsolete.
Not intended for direct usage
Public classSqlMapperUdtTypeHandler
A type handler for data-types that are supported by the underlying provider, but which need a well-known UdtTypeName to be specified
Public structureCommandDefinition
Represents the key aspects of a sql operation
Public interfaceIWrappedDataReader
Describes a reader that controls the lifetime of both a command and a reader, exposing the downstream command/reader as properties.
Public interfaceSqlMapperICustomQueryParameter
Implement this interface to pass an arbitrary db specific parameter to Dapper
Public interfaceSqlMapperIDynamicParameters
Implement this interface to pass an arbitrary db specific set of parameters to Dapper
Public interfaceSqlMapperIMemberMap
Implements this interface to provide custom member mapping
Public interfaceSqlMapperIParameterCallbacks
Extends IDynamicParameters with facilities for executing callbacks after commands have completed
Public interfaceSqlMapperIParameterLookup
Extends IDynamicParameters providing by-name lookup of parameter values
Public interfaceSqlMapperITypeHandler
Implement this interface to perform custom type-based parameter handling and value parsing
Public interfaceSqlMapperITypeMap
Implement this interface to change default mapping of reader columns to type members
Public enumerationCommandFlags
Additional state flags that control command behaviour