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VirtualRadar.Interface.BaseStation Namespace
The namespace for all of the interfaces and objects associated with receiving messages from BaseStation and forming a list of IAircraft objects from them.
Public classBaseStationMessage
An object that carries information about an incoming message from Kinetic's BaseStation application.
Public classBaseStationMessageEventArgs
Arguments to an event that carries a message from a BaseStation instance.
Public classBaseStationMessageHelper
A static class containing methods that may be of use when handling BaseStation messages.
Public classBaseStationSupplementaryMessage
Extra information carried on some BaseStationMessages that is gleaned from raw messages.
Public classBaseStationTranslatorException
Thrown by objects that translate BaseStation text messages into message objects.
Public interfaceIBaseStationAircraftList
An aircraft list that uses a feed of BaseStationMessages as its source of information about aircraft.
Public interfaceIBaseStationMessageCompressor
The interface for objects that can compress and decompress BaseStation messages.
Public interfaceIBaseStationMessageTranslator
An interface for an object that can translate a string transmitted by BaseStation into a formatted message object.
Public interfaceIRawMessageTranslator
The interface for classes that can translate Mode-S and ADS-B messages into BaseStation messages.
Public enumerationBaseStationMessageType
An enumeration of the different types of BaseStation message.
Public enumerationBaseStationStatusCode
An enumeration of the different status codes that can be transmitted by a StatusChange message.
Public enumerationBaseStationTransmissionType
An enumeration of the different type of Transmission message types.