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Gui.Wizard Namespace

[Missing <summary> documentation for "N:Gui.Wizard"]

Public classHeader
Summary description for WizardHeader.
Public classHeaderDesigner
Public classInfoContainer
Summary description for UserControl1.
Public classInfoContainerDesigner
Public classInfoPage
An inherited InfoContainer that contains a Label with the description of the page.
Public classInfoPageDesigner
Public classPageCollection
Summary description for PanelCollection.
Public classPageEventArgs
Arguments passed to an application when Page is closed in a wizard. The Next page to be displayed can be changed, by the application, by setting the NextPage to a wizardPage which is part of the wizard that generated this event.
Public classWizard
A wizard is the control added to a form to provide a step by step functionality. It contains WizardPages in the Pages collection, which are containers for other controls. Only one wizard page is shown at a time in the client are of the wizard.
Public classWizardDesigner
Summary description for WizardDesigner.
Public classWizardPage
Public classWizardPageDesigner
Summary description for WizardPageDesigner.
Public delegatePageEventHandler
Delegate definition for handling NextPageEvents